Black and Green Brass Horse Cart Figurine

  • Rs 1,300

This is a brass horse driven carriage (buggy in Hindi) which was hooded for the sake of royal commute. The wooden carriage wheels, the carriers and the horse hoofs are highlighted in gold while the remaining is in oxidised black. The carvings like the features of the horse, driver and the hood are highlighted with a green tinge.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

It's a gift to be placed on the fireplace, writing table or simply on a wooden table with a clear glass top next to the brass pencil/pen stand or a photo frame.

Made From


Dimensions (Inches)

6.7 (Length) 4 (Width) 3.5 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBM2MB2947 - Black and Green Brass Horse Cart Figurine