Black and Green Lotus, Cone Incense Holder

  • Rs 750

The 3.5" lotus dhoop burner is made of polished brass and has a golden lid. The lotus is intricately designed and highlighted with red and green patina giving it a beautiful rustic finish. The lid has a perforated design which allows the incense vapours to move out as it becomes practical when left burning to clear the surroundings of negativity. This can also be creatively used as a tea-light burner and may be placed in a row of 3 or 4 pieces to create a thematic effect.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

This can be used for space clearing in the home temple and entrance lobbies.

Made From


Diameter (Inches)

3 (Top) 2.1 (Base)

Dimensions (Inches)

3.5 (Width) 2.2 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBM2MB3220 - Black and Green Lotus, Cone Incense Holder