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Buddha Within, Oil Canvas Painting, Two Panels

  • Rs 4,510

There is something angelic about any Buddha artefact or artwork as it instantly transforms the space into a serene one. This Buddha oil canvas painting would sure add positive energy and warmth to your home or office decor. This oil canvas painting is divided into two panels with the Buddha's face painted on one in a golden yellow hue. The second panel is a continuum of the warm colours of orange and red with printed golden Bodhi tree leaves. It seems as if the artist is portraying how the Buddha bathed everything in a golden colour. These oil canvases can be mounted on the wall joined to each other or with some gap between the two panels, depending on the space available and your personal style. Please note the painting would need to be framed before hanging it. This Buddha painting can make a good, thoughtful and auspicious personal gift.

Made From

Canvas, Oil Paints

Dimensions (Inches)

24 (Length) 0.2 (Width) 12 (Height)

Delivery Times

7-10 Days


FBA2002 - Buddha Two Panel Oil Painting