Ceramic Blue and Multicolored Round Bowl

  • Rs 2,900

The 'Blue Pottery Bowl' is a handmade ceramic bowl that can be used as a table top accessory in your living room, bedroom, office reception or to enhance your spa decor. It can be used to put decorative marbles, chocolates, potpourri, floating candles or flowers. The fish design, lotus flowers and beautiful blue colour create a soothing effect. Given its wide use, this blue pottery bowl makes a good gift for festive occasions like Christmas, Diwali, housewarming and corporate events.

Made From


Diameter (Inches)

13 (Top) 7.5 (Base)

Dimensions (Inches)

7 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBJ1021 - Ceramic Blue and Multicolored Round Bowl