Ceramic Floral Blue Diya or Lamp

  • Rs 250

This is a regular sized but unusual blue pottery oil lamp. It‰۪s base colour is indigo which has a modified floral design in green, yellow and orange colours, running it's girdle and a neck-shaped base providing a firm support. This technique is originally Mongolian which was earlier used to decorate mosques, tombs or palaces in Central Asia. And now we can do the same by placing this lovely lamp on warm solid bases like wood or stone both indoors and outdoors ideally in bigger spaces.

Made From

Ceramic, Paints

Diameter (Inches)

3.5 (Top) 2 (Base)

Dimensions (Inches)

3.5 (Length) 2 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBJ1002 - Ceramic Floral Blue Diya or Lamp