Elephant Stool, Brass and Polished Wood, Small

  • Rs 1,400

The elephant wooden and brass stool strikes a regal pose. Embellishment is done on the animal‰۪s trunk, a strip on all four legs and it‰۪s base on the back. This animal is known for its intelligence and good memory. It also symbolizes a strong imperialistic regime in India and the neighbouring countries. Brass is pressed with floral motifs which are inspired from the Mughal and Rajput era. The gold brass shine against the black wood gives it a rich and warm feel. This stool would make an interesting return gift for the grand Indian wedding.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

To create a warm setting, a green potted plant can be placed in any area of the house on the floor or atop a table. Also family photographs in different sized frames or small decorative pieces primarily of metal can be placed on this stool to make any spot in the house interesting.

Made From

Wood, Brass

Dimensions (Inches)

10 (Length) 7 (Width) 7 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBR1004 - Wooden and Brass Brown Elephant Round Side Stool, Small