Handicraft Brass and Wooden Square Wall Clock

  • Rs 3,200

This is a square wooden and brass framed classic Jones and Hendricks Oxford wall clock. The top half of the clock border is wood polished in dark black colour, while the lower half is brass which has embossed stylized floral designs. The cream dial area is a larger area showing a 12-hour analog clock with black roman numerals and two hands. This wall clock takes us back to the imperial times.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

This wall can be placed in several places in the house and office, ideally against a cream background highlighting the dial base. One can amplify the effect, by placing black polish or golden accessories on a table top or counter below the wall clock.

Made From

Wood, Brass

Dimensions (Inches)

12.5 (Length) 12.5 (Width) 1.7 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBJ2005 - Handicraft Brass and Wooden Square Wall Clock