Iron Copper Finish Butterfly Tea Light Holder

  • Rs 170

This is a butterfly tea light holders in copper colour polish. They have an attractive geometric metal cutwork design on both wings, which allows the light to beam through it. The placeholder for tea light candle is behind on the base of the wings. These butterflies are seen beautifully sitting together with wings spread out and antennae standing up symbolising lovers or similar souls.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

These tea light holders can add a warm touch when used at night during festive season. For maximum effect place reflecting on a small water body, against a wall outside the entrance door or garden amongst flowering plants.

Made From

Iron, Copper

Dimensions (Inches)

4.2 (Length) 1.3 (Width) 3 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBT1139M - Iron Copper Finish Butterfly Tea Light Holder