Iron Silver Cow Bell

  • Rs 500

The iron and nickel bell has motifs etched on it in several rows depicting the cycle of nature. It is a slightly tall bowl shaped bell with a circular hook on top and the gong in the middle. This is a fancy cow bell which makes a resonating sound slightly heavier than a tinkle of a chime and can be hung using bright coloured or contrasting strings to match your home decor.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

This bell strung on a leather or a thick cotton cord can be decorated on the entrance door of the house. Each time anybody opens it, the sound is thought to bring in luck. For some aged people it can also be used to call someone for help.

Made From

Iron, Nickel

Dimensions (Inches)

6 (Length) 2.5 (Width) 8 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBT1136W - Iron Silver Cow Bell