Iron Silver Elephant Tea Light Holder

  • Rs 1,100

The iron and nickel elephant tea light holder depicts a white elephant which is wearing an embellished cloth on it‰۪s back with a beautifully etched design on it's forehead and back. It is known to be very rare, sacred and a symbol of good luck. Elephants are an integral part of the culture and religious practices in South Asia. It is Lord Indra‰۪s flying vehicle, Airavata, who was made the King of Elephants.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

This can used for decorating and illuminating spaces like corner tables or window ledges. It's reflection on the mirrors will give a beautiful shimmering effect. Should be placed in pairs a little ahead of each other to create maximum reflection and effec

Made From

Iron, Nickel

Dimensions (Inches)

15 (Length) 3.5 (Width) 10.5 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBT1004 - Iron Silver Elephant Tea Light Holder