Iron Silver Heart Hanging Tea Light Holder

  • Rs 500

This is a heart tea light holder which can be hung. The cutwork on this nickel and iron holder has small diamond motifs which are evenly spread all over. There is a little door on one side of the holder which can be latched once the tea light is placed in it. It has a circular hook on top through which a nail or a thick wire can go through, to be hung, and the light flickers seductively making the atmosphere romantic.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

These romantic tea light holders can be put in patios, with several strung on a line during anniversaries, Valentine's Day or wedding celebrations. These hearts can also be hung to create a cosy personal corner at your home using colourful strings of different lengths.

Made From

Iron, Nickel

Dimensions (Inches)

6 (Length) 2.5 (Width) 10 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBT1113X - Iron Silver Heart Hanging Tea Light Holder