Iron Silver Sea Horse Tea Light Holder Large

  • Rs 1,300

This tall sea horse tea light holder is made of iron and nickel, with a wooden base. A sea horse has a mystical significance with diverse meanings such as a symbol of strength, creativity, good luck, patience or persistence, as mentioned in many mythologies and legends across the globe.The pretty cutwork design of this holder allows the light to flow through making an interesting pattern when lit up.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

The holders can be placed against a wall in the lobby or outside against the wall in the garden to beautify during the day or used while sitting around at night. They make the atmosphere romantic in the patio during a candle light dinner. Place one in front of the other to maximize lighting effect.

Made From

Iron, Nickel

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBT117EE - Iron Silver Sea Horse Tea Light Holder Large