Marble decorative plate, Right facing

  • Rs 630

This is a white marble round plate which are hand painted in a Mughal style of painting. On the plate is a young woman whose head is covered with a sheer pink and black dupatta (long scarf worn by Asian women), which has a gold border and is worn over a green skirt and blouse (lehenga-choli), adorned with traditional jewellery. She is standing in a demure fashion holding two roses. The plate also have a floral motif border and so should ideally be mounted on the wall.

Made From

Marble, Paints

Diameter (Inches)

10 (Top) 2 (Base)

Dimensions (Inches)

0.5 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBK2035_2 - Marble Multicolored Right Face Lady Round Decorative Plate