Shivling Ganesh Idol in Brass, Black and Green

  • Rs 1,200

A black brass Ganesh statue is brushed with green colour giving it an antique look. He is seen sitting and pouring milk and water over a Shivling; symbolically done to neutralize the effects of the intense heat created as Lord Shiva was trying to swallow the poison emerging from the churning of the ocean. This God of luck and prosperity is uniquely portrayed carrying a cloth bag full of goodies and wearing a long plait. This statue also symbolises the bond between son and father.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

This statue should be ideally placed in solitary spaces in living areas or lobbies, on marble or glass table tops, so that the beautiful scene is enjoyed, without other distractions. Make a nice gift for house-warming.

Made From


Dimensions (Inches)

3.8 (Length) 2.4 (Width) 4.5 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBM2MB1487 - Shivling Ganesh Idol in Brass, Black and Green