Square Marble Multicolored Pen Holder

  • Rs 420

This is a white marble pencil and pen stand with inlay work. It is tall enough to accommodate exquisite Mughal floral arabesques inlaid with coloured stones into the marble on the unusual six corners of the stand. The uniqueness of being cylindrical inside but square outside allows these geometric shapes to increase it‰۪s attractiveness. It's best placed on a teak wood antique writing table in your study to juxtapose against it's rich wooden colours or on an old Victorian dressing table for make-up accessories.

Made From


Diameter (Inches)

2.5 (Top) 2.5 (Base)

Dimensions (Inches)

4.3 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBD2005 - Square Marble Multicolored Pen Holder