Stone Studded Marble Ganesh Idol on Peacock Chowki

  • Rs 350

This is a marble statue of Indian elephant God (Ganpati or Ganesh) on a marble chowki with painted peacocks, is embellished with crystals. This conveys a strong southern Indian influence as the Lord Ganesha is mounted on Tarakasura, the demon in the form of peacock which was his vehicle as depicted in that region, also reining in the bird‰۪s vanity. This God is prayed to by Hindus before new beginnings to remove obstacles with wisdom.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

An artistic statue of God Ganesh which can be used and placed in varied settings. While God Ganpati is artistically represented in various shapes and forms, this statue may be a bit traditional and eclectic. This can be used in small home mandirs and gifted for house-warming. It's also ideal for gifting your child when he/she goes for further studies away from home.

Made From

Marble, Paints, Stones

Dimensions (Inches)

3 (Length) 3 (Width) 5 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBK2013 - Stone Studded Marble Ganesh Idol on Peacock Chowki