Wooden Elephant Book Ends in Dark Brown

  • Rs 1,110

This pair of wooden bookends or book stoppers have identical elephant heads on both sides, with their features and adornments highlighted in neat brass work. Elephants are considered to be amongst the world's most intelligent species and are widely believed to add a royal touch, as they indicated power and status in erstwhile India. Many also consider elephants to be a harbinger of good luck and prosperity.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

These bookends can be placed on a contrasting colour table or book shelf for a bold statement. Place them either to sandwich books between them or facing front using the wall or corner for support at the other end.

Made From

Wood, Brass

Dimensions (Inches)

5.5 (Length) 3.8 (Width) 6 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBM11023 - Wooden Elephant Book Ends in Dark Brown