Wooden Elephant Book Ends in Green

  • Rs 1,110

These elephant shaped bookends or book stoppers are made from fine quality wood. These have been polished in distress green colour which is rather soothing to the eyes. The subtle brass work enhances the beauty of this wooden accessory. Elephants are closely associated with Asian culture and many consider them to be a harbinger of good luck and prosperity.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

These bookends are sure to appeal to book and animal lovers. They are a great gift idea for housewarming, corporate events. Would look best alongside bright potted indoor plants.

Made From

Wood, Brass, Polish

Dimensions (Inches)

5.5 (Length) 3.8 (Width) 6 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBM11024 - Wooden Elephant Book Ends in Green