Wooden Multicolored Chest of Three Drawers

  • Rs 1,200

This small hand-painted wooden chest of drawers has Indian artwork painted in white along the borders, with shades of green and pink used to highlight the design around the small brass knob in the centre. The chest has three drawers red, yellow and green giving them a kitschy and cheerful appeal associated with the western-central belt of India.

Designer Tips / Gift Ideas

The bright colours add life to sparse or heavily decorated spaces with heavy wooden furniture. The drawers also provide storage for smallest items of necessity on a study table or dressing table..

Made From

Wood, Paints

Dimensions (Inches)

5 (Length) 5 (Width) 5.8 (Height)

Delivery Times

2-3 Days


FBT1533Q - Wooden Multicolored Chest of Three Drawers